Shielding Yourself From Cyber Attacks In 2021

Shielding Yourself From Cyber Attacks In 2021

Various kinds of computer security insecurities, DDoS Attacks, Ransomware, and many others types of computer attack have grown popular in recent years. Still, most cyber-attacks aren’t recognized as simply attacks on websites either. It’s important for businesses that provide internet services and those running security measures for the business to come up with concrete security measures now, before it’s too late.

Cyber Threats

A DDoS is a Denial of Service Attack, essentially putting a website or server into what’s called a loop, effectively stopping all computer network traffic to the website. This kind of attack typically comes from multiple attackers who want to control the website and data being provided by it. Often times, they’ll just choose a website or server and make it unavailable. There’s not much that a business can do when faced with this type of security issue because there will only be a handful of computers connecting to it. However, there are measures that a business can take to mitigate the risk of a DDoS attack and defend against it happening.

Many of these computer security measures come from making the workplace more secure. Increasing firewalls around the office, adding protective software to applications, and using email security software are all effective methods for preventing someone from attacking your computer. Using modern software, employees can be taught to behave differently so that a hacker doesn’t feel confident enough to try and break into the system. Changing passwords often, keeping them changing, and following them around the office can also help prevent someone from taking advantage of a DDoS.

Another preventive measure for protecting the computer safe and sound in the 21st century is installing antivirus software. Not only is it helpful for finding virus attacks and removing them, but it can keep your computer safe from other threats as well. A lot of the DDoS attacks that happen these days are caused by computer malware that’s hidden on the computer. You might have a legitimate antivirus software program but it may not have been updated to protect you against newer types of DDoS attacks that are evolving into bigger problems.

Threats And Forms Of Malware

One of the most popular types of malware attacks is termed ransomware. This is a program that copies itself into system memory and then deletes files or folders. Since it’s able to do this without ever being detected, it poses a serious threat to the computer security. One way to protect against it and to keep the threats at bay is to use network segmentation. By dividing a single network segment into small groups, the malware cannot access the data or the file it needs to do its job, leaving your system free of problems.

Network segmentation isn’t the only solution though. A more advanced feature known as software portability can also be applied. With software portability, a software program can hide itself and operate independently on another computer. This means that an attacker won’t need to worry about exposing their command-line interface or installing any software to get their malware program running. Using modern technology, the best defences against DDoS are going to be full access control, application visibility, and software portability.

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